Friday, August 8, 2008

And we're off....

Alright fine. I'll start a blog. I don't want to but I suppose I can acquiesce. So this is us. There will be pictures soon.

Today Kris and I were in the kitchen doing dishes and cooking dinner together. We thought all the kids were downstairs watching tv. In retrospect, it was awfully quiet but I was enjoying the quiet time with hubby. So we hear Hunter screaming his head off. We both look to the stairs assuming he's coming up to tell us that the girls had turned off Diego so they could watch Hannah Montana. Instead, he came from down the hallway. Somehow he had snuck back upstairs with neither of us noticing. He was covered in bubbles and he was screaming because there was soap in his eyes. So I picked him up and tossed him in the kitchen sink to hose him down. Meanwhile, Kris had gone to the bathroom to see what kind of damage had been done. In the back of my mind I'm wondering how much overflow is all over the bathroom until I hear Kris say, "it's not sink water that's the problem" leading me to believe that Hunter had done some sort of science experiment in the toilet. So I rush down the hall to find it's not a problem with the toilet at all. And while there is no water all over the bathroom, there are bubbles everywhere. And the hand soap that I had filled this morning is less than half full. I'm trying to tell myself that he was attempting to make amends for the basil explosion in the kitchen this morning (there is always an explosion of something while I am in the shower). Maybe somehow, in his little 2 year old head, he thought if he made clean bubbles, it would make up for the trail of dirt and disaster that is always behind him. I love that kid but he had better be a darn easy teenager or there is no justice in this world.

Kaylyn was named a star student today. Each month every teacher can pick one student to be named as star student. The principal calls their name over the intercom for the whole school to hear and then the star students all get to come pick a prize. This was the first group of star students of the year so Kaylyn was really happy. Her best friend (Brielle) was also picked as the star student of her class so the two of them have been in the clouds all day basking in the glory of star student hood. She has an amazing teacher this year. Last year I was constantly getting calls about how she talked to much in class (really??? a child of mine talks to much??? Shocking). This year, her teacher just tells me she loves her enthusiasm and the energy she brings to class. Hopefully she won't get croup every other week again this year and miss tons of school. She's already had it once since school started and it's summer!!!! At least we have the steroids and breathing treatments stocked and ready to go at home so we don't have to make bi-weekly ER runs anymore.

Ashley. What can I say about Ashley? Unlike Hunter, Ashley is proof that there is justice in the world. Behind that wonderfully sweet demeanor that everyone else sees is the Ashley we know (and love) at home. Primary teachers and pre-school teachers would be shocked at the teasing and sassing that comes out of that girl's mouth. Anytime I try to complain about what a handful she can be I get blank stares. When I say she's justice, I mean for me. I suppose as an adult, I should quit being such a tease but it's so much fun. She did indeed learn it from me. Perhaps that's why I find it more difficult to discipline her than the other two.

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for my next post which will include the suicide note from the spirit bear.


katie said...

I found you! You are officially on my stalk list. I can't wait for the note from the spirit bear.

Steph said...

Kim...a blogger! Well now I know where to head when I need a laugh! Your the best :)