Monday, February 9, 2009

Solving life's mysteries one at a time

There are all kinds of mysteries in life. Like "why do kids get the stomach bug while they're potty training" or "how the heck did something pink and sticky end up on the ceiling?". Unfortunately, I can't solve them all. Today, however, I did manage to solve two little mysteries that had previously been slightly bugging me.

First mystery: why the heck have my eyes been hurting so much???? They have been stinging almost constantly. They feel dry and itchy and look blood shot. I've tried all kinds of things. Eye drops, going a few days without my contacts, wearing my contacts for a shorter amount of time than usual, etc. Treatments seemed to work kind of sort of and only temporarily. I was getting ready to go see the eye doctor and see if I've developed a sensitivity to either my contact solution or to my contacts.

Second mystery: How in the world are we going through hand soap so quickly? I figured that it was Hunter. He's potty trained (hooray!!!!!) and thus, is washing his hands more frequently by himself. You know that brief stage when your toddler is all out to please? He's still in that. So I just figured he was washing his hands over and over and over. I also thought maybe the girls were "bathing" their barbies, ponies, poly pockets, (fill in the blank with every cheap plastic toy out there) in the sink thus using up the soap.

The first mystery I figured had to be solved by a professional, but the second I decided just needed a few conversations with my kids. Turns out, neither was needed (well, perhaps a conversation, but not the intended one). Today, I walked into the bathroom to find Ashley and Hunter making "soup" for his cars and dinosaurs and for her princesses. "Hey mom guess what" they so sweetly and excitedly asked. "What?" I so naively responded. "We found these bowls for our toys! They're just the perfect size." The bowls you ask? My contact case. The soup? Soap and water. Voila! Two mysteries solved in one shot.

On a totally unrelated I the only one who gets just a little bit sad when one of my kids potty trains? Diapers seem like the last little vestige of babyhood. I always feel a little sad when we get rid of diapers for one kid. I should be celebrating. This is the first week in 7 years that I haven't had to change a single diaper.


Misty said...

oh my gosh - that's funny. contact soup. hillarious. well, i'm glad you figured it out. i love the pictures of you and kris on your wedding day!

nhsphoto said...

um... i'm mad at you for being sad about the potty training. raleigh is taking forever (although there is still hope that he won't take as long as crew). also, that's awesome about the soup bowls. ha! i love it. also... did i take the wedding photo of you and kris? i don't think i ever saw the pictures i took from your wedding. pathetic. you should let me see them.

Loni and Tyler said...

What a cute blog! Love the pics and this post; makes me excited to be a mommy someday! (And the Bachelor is no good! It's a bit scandalous...!)

Ty & Jill said...

Kim I love your blog. It's very insightful. I guess I have a lot to look forward to. Tyson and I laughed so hard about Ashley and primary. I miss that girl. So so fun!

Becky said...

Just found your blog- so cute! That is hilarious about your "mysteries" but at least you don't have to go to an eye doc now! KIDS!!