Sunday, October 5, 2008

Computers, conference, and callings

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I've slacked off on the blogging thing. That I only managed to post twice before giving up. Well, you're wrong. Our *&$#@ (that means stupid) computer quit working. Despite Kris' insistence that I must have done something to the computer we found out that hard drives don't really last all that long. So the hard drive, along with everything on it, was fried. And being the idiot I am, nothing was backed up. That means the last 3 years of pictures I took with my digital camera are gone. But alas, we have a new computer and I will back it up.

So what a wonderful conference. Is it that conference really truly gets better every year or do I somehow manage to be more receptive? After such a wonderful conference, we had the opportunity to basically get our own personal general conference. Elder Pino of the first quorum of the seventy is a good friend of my parents. He was my Bishop in Caracas, Venezuela when I was a wee little primary kiddo. My dad served as his counselor and my mom was the primary pres with Sister Pino as her first counselor. Elder Pino and his wife and their son and his wife came over to my parents house for dinner after the final session of conference. Very little English was spoken and I found myself repeatedly chastising myself for losing pretty much all my Spanish speaking ability. Fortunately I could still understand most of it. Elder Pino asked my sweet (but struggling) 19 year old brother to share his testimony. After that, Elder Pino shared his testimony. He also gave both me and my brother and my parents some counsel. I have yet to endure anything more powerful than sitting face to face with a general authority while he testifies that he is a witness for Christ. It was a wonderful experience. His kind words to my parents were much needed and appreciated. Reflecting on the whole experience makes me remember Elder Bednar's first talk after being sustained as a member of the quorum of twelve when he spoke of tender mercies. Interestingly enough, I can see that being applicable to conference. Conference seemed like a big hug of tender mercies.


So after over 5 years in young women's I've been released. I think I'm finally over the heartbreak. I knew it was coming but it still was hard. YW's is one of those callings that really consumes a chunk of your life but you love it. And you know, it's a trade off. Kris has been in the Elder's Quorum pres almost as long as I was in YW. He was definitely getting a little burned out. And I know our callings weren't as demanding as many many others, but those two things combined together and it seems like we were very busy the last five years. I'm grateful for the things we learned and the experiences we've had. I'm definitely happy he was released. As for me, well, I'm getting there. It does feel slightly like I must be moving backwards. For starters, I think I've gone to relief society as a married woman for a grand total of one year. Early in our marriage we were sunbeam teachers. Then we moved up here and I was put in YW. But now I'm back in Sunbeams. When Ashley heard we were going to be her teachers she told me, "Mom, I really like the Whitesides. So how about if they stay and dad can come, but you just go back to young womens." It's going to be an adjustment. The sappy grins of 3 year olds are pretty good payment but I still need to adjust. Can someone please advise me on how to teach "I can be kind to animals" after teaching "The Law of Consecration"?

So I think that's all for today. This was a fairly serious post. My apologies to the light hearted out there. I've heard whispers in the wind that the spirit bear might make a come back at some point in the near future....


Steph said...

Yea for your new computer!
Conference was REALLY good! Glad you had such a neat experience after! Guess someone does listen when we say, "hope ya know, we're having a hard time."
I was in sunbeams for a few months b4 YW, I loved it! your daughter is a crack up, she will love having you in there, eventually! You have no idea how jealous i am that u get to teach on being kind to animals.... absolutely no idea. Wish we could trade when my turn to teach comes around, you are SERIOUSLY the greatest teacher!

Misty said...

just FYI, i put that soup recipe on my blog so you can have it!