Monday, November 17, 2008

A little bit more Kris and the chaos of Hunter

Ha. Just in case last week wasn't enough Kris for you, here is a picture of him that I dug up. See? He really is a strong hero.
Ah Hunter. That kid. Yesterday he did two notable things. One is wonderful. The other he may be paying for until he's married and has children of his own. He peed in the potty. Hooray! And then, at some point during the day, he lost my wedding ring. I had put it on the counter that I always put it on, pushed back against the wall. The kids have never played with it. Yesterday it disappeared. Ashley says she saw Hunter playing with it. Let's hope I can still find it.


Steph said...

Nice picture. Flowers and Kris in the same picture, I have to ask did you get his permission b4 you posted? :)
Man that stinks about your ring! You need to come to HFPE night tomorrow night. I'm sure you will be blessed for doing so and maybe your ring will surface! ha ha. Seriously come, it sounds like you need a girls night out anyways. It should be fun!

Kasidy said...

Kim...I love the picture, it is so unlike him! Not to imply that he isn't a super hero of course, but that as long as i've known i would never have thought him to be a bicep talent show kind of guy! :) Good luck with the ring! If it's any consolation: my dad lost his wedding ring on a shooting range in Arizona and a year and a half later his boss found it! Crazy! We need to get the girls together and go out for ice cream or something...we have much to talk about!