Thursday, November 6, 2008

The wonderful world of Kris

So Kris sat down to read my blog the other day and happened to see his name. Before even reading the post we had the following conversation:
Kris: Hey, what did you write about me?
Me: Why don't you read it and see?
Kris: I think you need to get my permission before you do anything on the blog.
Me: Excuse me (said with attitude)? What do you think I need your permission for?
Kris: Well the flowers for one thing.
Me: I see.
Kris: And anything you write about me.
Me: Just read it.
Kris (after he read the post): Oh, well that's just the truth. I am a strong hero. Are you going to mention it when I pass the CPA?
Me: No (I didn't mean it, I was still miffed about the whole permission thing)
Kris: Well, maybe I'll start my own blog. Without flowers.
Me: Go for it.

So after analyzing the conversation, I decided his feelings were hurt because I haven't mentioned him enough in my blog. So this entire post is dedicated to Kris. I would like to share some of my favorite things/memories of my dear hubby. These are in no particular order:

*He does the best job turning the kids into superman to fly them into their beds.

*Last night Ashley bonked her head and Kris offered to get her an ice pack. He handed her a frozen corn dog.

*After he got his master's degree, he spent the next whole week telling everyone to call him "Master Kris".

*If I could frame any picture of Kris' face it would be the one he was making while I gave birth to Kaylyn. And I would display it everywhere. I'd probably even carry it around with me. It makes me laugh to think of it now. He was mostly disgusted but there was some horror and amazement mixed in. It reminded me of the face Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) would make whenever Suzy tried to play with him. He has not been allowed to watch our babies be born after that. He has to sit by my head or leave the room.

*Once on a date early on in our relationship we went to a haunted house. Kris got scared and started running. Fine. But he was holding my hand and I tripped (because you know, we're talking about me here). Instead of letting me go he kept running and dragging me on the ground. I suppose it was chivalrous. He could have just left me there.

*On Halloween night well after we had put the kids in bed, Kaylyn snuck back up to me sobbing and said, "Mommy, please tell daddy he can have any of my candy if he just won't take the full size Snickers bar Grandma gave me. He can have it all. I just don't want him to eat that one." Earlier she had yelled at him for taking one piece of candy and he had told her he could take candy from her bag since he was the Dad.

*Every time I've gone out of town without the kids (ok, so that's only been for girls camp and youth conference but still) I return to a clean house, kids worn out from playing, and a dozen roses.

*He can do a mean toe touch. Seriously. Ask him to show it to you sometime.

*One time I sent him to the store for Karo Syrup. He came back (like an hour later) with Canola Oil and told me, "I didn't see any Karo Syrup. I thought you must have made a mistake and meant this".

*The blinds he put up in our house have only broken a few times.

In all seriousness, I love Kris. He is a great dad. He plays with the kids far better than I do. He is a great husband. I feel very lucky to be married to such a wonderful man (and one who puts up with me embarrassing him).

So Kris, here's to you baby. Now stop telling me what I need your permission for.


Nicki said...

You had me dying with the corn dog - seriously. I remember the first time I met Kris - I thought he was way too shy to keep up with you but he changed my mind on that soon enough :)

Steph said...

funny ...... and so sweet! :)

Misty said...

oh my gosh. will you please come live with me? i could use your comic relief 24/7. you are hillarious. i especially loved the corn dog and canola oil. you should be a stand-up comedian - or write a book.